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Business Instructor at North Hennepin Community College:

Specializing in the areas of marketing, consumer behavior, advertising, sales, and general business, I pride myself on being a dynamic and strategic post-secondary business instructor focused on student engagement, real-world application, and outcome alignment, measurement, and improvement. Beyond teaching, I have led initiatives in articulation, accreditation, and business development. The professionalism, diversity, and opportunities NHCC offers students and faculty create a wonderful environment in which to learn and grow.

Business Owner of Prenzlow Photography:

Prenzlow Photography started organically in 2011 out of a love of capturing moments of passion, determination, and competition in the area of competitive cycling. With such a high level of strategy, grit, and risk, bike racing is easy to fall in love with, but often difficult to describe. My hope is to provide professional-level photographs of everyday athletes performing at extraordinary levels. As a full-time marketing instructor, I also enjoy that this business provides an excellent opportunity to practice what I teach.

Bike Racer with Erik’s Regional Road Team:

When I am not teaching, shooting, or spending time with my family, you will find me on my bike racing with the best group of guys I know. It has been a privilege to represent Erik’s Bike Shop for the last four years as they are the shop that supports my need to stay healthy, feel like a kid, fulfill personal goals, and go really fast!

Lucky Husband and Father to Angie & Koen:

Living the suburban dream! I could not ask for a more wonderful family and network of friends. My wife Angie and son Koen are the center of my life. Whether we are riding our bikes, going out to eat, or just sitting on the couch and watching Survivor, we always find a way to absolutely enjoy one another.

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