Even though there was snow on the ground in the morning, it turned out to be a beautiful night for racing at the first Tuesday Night Machinery Hill Race Series of the season. More than 150 local racers participated in the evening races. Results were tight and I believe there wasn’t a single incident resulting in loss of skin. I’m looking forward to putting the camera down and pinning a number on next week.

Individual results

Team results

Tuesday Night Machinery Hill Race Series – Sponsored by Lazer Radio!: Flyer

Here are a few of my favorite photographs throughout the night.

Full Gallery of Photos at Prenzlow Photography 

My Favorite Photos From Tuesday Night Machinery Hill Race Series (Week One)

2017-04-11 (TNW)-26

Even though the junior field was the smallest of the night, they all worked well together and got some great practice.

2017-04-11 (TNW)-49

Looking around with one lap to go in the junior race.

2017-04-11 (TNW)-55

In came down to a bike throw in the 15-18 race between Akash Lucht of NorthStar Development and Caleb Burbach of MNJRC

2017-04-11 (TNW)-71

The final sprint in the 10-14 field

2017-04-11 (TNW)-76

Micah Danielson of SPBRC edges out Koen Prenzlow of NorthStar Development

2017-04-11 (TNW)-160

Cole Feagler of Erik’s Bike Shop leads the Cat 4/5 Field around Corner 4 on a beautiful S-WORKS

2017-04-11 (TNW)-122

Pure Determination on a small break-away during the middle of the Cat 4/5 Race

2017-04-11 (TNW)-102

Leaning hard into Turn 4

2017-04-11 (TNW)-164

How big is the gap????

2017-04-11 (TNW)-225

This photo of Anna Zawadski is one of my favorites of the night. Only if there weren’t the peds in the background. . .

2017-04-11 (TNW)-228

Lisa Martens of Kingfield rounds Turn 4

2017-04-11 (TNW)-204

Carol Seipp of Orion racing set the pace in the Women Open Field all night

Tuesday Night Machinery Hill Race Series

The Men Cat 123 Field averaged nearly 30 mph and Peter Olenjniczak and the entire Borah Factory Race Team had a lot to do with that

2017-04-11 (TNW)-293

The sprinters crank it up for one of the later sprint laps of the evening

2017-04-11 (TNW)-325

Chad Macy of Donkey Label gets lit as the natural light disappears

2017-04-11 (TNW)-288

Brian Welch of Team Hollywood Cycles pushes the pace out front

2017-04-11 (TNW)-345

Chris Anderson leads out Brandon Krawczk for the win



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