Koen has participated in the Oxbow Creek Elementary Arts and Academic Expo every year since kindergarten. His projects have varied from Lego creations to sports cards about monsters and meerkats, to photograph compositions. This year he was interested in creating a digital stop-action animation video.

What else would be the theme of his video but two of his favorite things; MineCraft and Legos.

He worked very hard planning the set and writing the script. After those two essential elements were complete, we sat down and discussed the overall process of the production. We watched several videos, talked about how many photos would be needed for a short video, and discussed the lighting and production software needed.

After all the preparation work was finished, we headed down the basement and started setting up the make-shift studio. Koen helped to set up the green screen, lights, and camera. He was then in charge of moving each of the characters ever so slightly through the completion of his script. Over 150 photos were taken before it was complete.

Stop-Action Animation Set-Up

Making sure the set was aligned perfectly.

Stop-Action Animation Set-Up

Posing for a quick picture in between positioning the figures.

Once the photos were in the can, we headed up to the computer and began the tedious job of editing. However, Adobe’s Premiere CC makes this process fairly effortless. We dropped in the clips and realized that a rate of 3 photos per second would suffice for this project (we read prior to the production that 18 frames per second is standard in stop-action animation).

Koen had fun selecting the best soundtrack from YouTube’s free library of shareable music. He finally typed the titles into Premier from his draft script.

Overall I was very impressed with the final product, but the 5 hours we were able to spend with one another working on this project and learning together was much more valuable.

The Final Product


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