It was an extra “Specialized” Christmas at the Prenzlows as Koen’s big gift was a new Specialized DSW SL Comp Allez.  I’m really not sure who was more excited? Koen or me? I cannot wait until next spring when we are both able to ride and race together. It should make for some amazing years to come!


2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-23

A ring flash Christmas Card. . .

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-37

Koen is pretty proud of his wrap job. “Nailed it!”

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-43

It was a team effort on this gift. I didn’t realize this thing would be so hard to cut out after Koen created it?

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-50

I love the thought and effort he puts in.

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-72

It looks like dad did pretty good with this one.

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-60

Showing off some new wireless headphones.

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-55

Angie’s new profile picture. . .

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-77

Let the scavenger hunt begin!

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-84

All of my rhymes end up sounding like bad Dr. Seuss.

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-94

Pure joy!

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-98

A little tight in the basement for the maiden ride.

2015-12-24 (Christmas Eve)-108

He’s already nailed the “Pain Face.”

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