Who doesn’t love to hold a new baby? It’s not very often that you have a brand new nephew in the family and they sure don’t stay brand new very long. It was only appropriate that we went down to Sherburn, MN to visit my sister-in-law Nikki and brother-in-law Jake on Mother’s Day Weekend to meet William (Will) for the first time. They had moved into their new house on Fox Lake less than a week ago and everything was wonderfully chaotic and exciting. Although with my sister-in-law Nikki, chaotic meant that there were no signs of empty boxes and pictures were already hanging on the walls :   )

Mother's Day Weekend 10

William “Will” Jacob Tietje was born on April 23 weighing 10lbs 6 oz and 22 inches long.

Mothers Day Weekend 3

Dad Jake and big sister Elsie enjoying a stroll on the freshly installed dock at the new house on Fox Lake.

Mothers Day Weekend 2

Elsie with some fresh flowers for mom.

Mothers Day Weekend 5

Hailey loving Fox Lake.

Mothers Day Weekend 25

Nikki and Angie. I think the older they get the more similar they become.

Mothers Day Weekend 24

Angie with WIll. It was so great to hold him, but the “baby bug” was not catching.

Mothers Day Weekend 1

Another favorite mom. I love the special connection between these two. Koen’s a pretty lucky little dude.

Mothers Day Weekend 9

Nikki wasn’t the only mom we were celebrating. Gramma Bebe opening a Mother’s Day gift.

Mothers Day Weekend 6

The three “older” cousins. Nikki was the first to break the “one kid” rule. Koen is excited to have another boy on this side of the family–even if Will is 9 years younger.

Mothers Day Weekend 7

Good luck saying “no” to that face?

Mothers Day Weekend 8

Koen Photo-Bomb

After spending a wonderful Saturday evening with Angie’s side of the family in Sherburn, we headed to Mapleton to spend the night at my mom and dad’s. It’s always been nice for travel purposes that both of our families live in southern Minnesota. It was late by the time we arrived at my parent’s house, but we still had time to catch up and watch a little NASCAR with my dad.

After a lazy Mother’s Day morning, we headed to my aunt Cindy’s in Winnebago for Mother’s Day lunch. With so many wonderful home-prepared dishes, the goal is to take small portions of everything so that I am not completely bloated on the drive back to the Cities. It’s always great to catch up with family and hear the latest news about my cousins.

Mother's Day Weekend 21

It was a good thing we had this beautiful garage over our heads as it rained during the beginning of the day.

Mother's Day Weekend 19

Little Leo can be pretty shy, but he sure perked right up for this photo.

Mother's Day Weekend 20

Discussing fitness with my cousin Bryan.

Mother's Day Weekend 18

A slightly more candid photo of my mom, aunt Terri, aunt Karen, Gramma, and aunt Cindy.

Mother's Day Weekend 17

Koen and Gramma reading the Mother’s Day card.

Mother's Day Weekend 12

All of the cousins and second cousins. The rain stopped for just long enough for the crew to get outside and play.

Mother's Day Weekend 16

Drew launching the football in a friendly game of 500.

Mother's Day Weekend 13

I love the joy on Koen’s face on this one.

Mother's Day Weekend 14

Ready to run. . .

Mother's Day Weekend 11

I think she did a pretty good job . . . Love you mom!

It’s always such a fun weekend with family. However, in my book mothers should be celebrated every day of the year.


Brady Prenzlow owns Prenzlow Photography, rides for Erik’s Bike Shop, teaches at North Hennepin Community College, and loves everything about cycling from behind the lens and behind the bars.

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