Ican pretty much set my watch to how my body will feel around the end of March. After just over three months of trainer workouts and lifting weights, my body and mind always has a hard time transitioning to the early road rides. Saturday’s ride in Henderson was no exception.

I was scheduled to meet up with Ben and Jim to ride the Silver Island Road Race course at around 1:00 pm. Since I arrived to Henderson early, I rode to Jessenland Hill and got a few climbs in before the ride. The last time I had ridden this hill was 2009 while racing in my second ever road race as a Cat 5. Boy, 5 years of racing has gone by in a blink. I love this photo–riding a used internet bike, elbows locked, hands numb, and loving life.

Silver Island

August 30, 2009. Not loving Jessenland Hill during my second ever road race.

Henderson Hill

March 28, 2015. I forgot how long Jessenland Hill is. Great training hill as the pitch never gets too crazy.

The first few times up the hill on Saturday I felt pretty good, but by the time I met up with Ben and Jim I realized my legs were flat as pancakes. We headed back up the hill (a fourth time for me) and then proceeded to ride the Silver Island 18 mile circuit. Of course the tailwind sections were great, but once we entered the cross and headwind sections my legs were toast. I could turn the pedals over petty hard for about a minute or two, but had absolutely no muscle endurance.

Ben & Jim2

15-20 mph gusts made for an interesting spring ride.

After making the full circuit, we went up the hill one more time before turning around about 8 miles into the loop. The 12 miles of headwind back to the car were humbling to say the least. There is no question I would have been dropped in any local race field, but most shop group rides as well. Now comes the decision I need to make every March–to stop lifting weights all together or cut back to about one day per week?

Since my top-end feels better than it has in a long time–thanks to the weights and plyo, I’m thinking about cutting my gym work back to once a week after we get back from Kauai on April 12. The complete week off on vacation from 4/4 – 4/12 will probably end up being the best thing for me. I’ll get back on 4/12, suck at THK on 4/18, hopefully improve a bit by Ken Woods on 4/25, and have some decent form for the La Crosse crits on 5/2. That’s the plan and I’m stickin’ to it.

Ben & Jim3

Should we head back up one more time?

Ben’s fitness looked fantastic and Jim was right in there. Looking forward to another great year with the Erik’s Regional Road Team.

Ben & Jim1

Ben needs to take the yellow stickers off of his wheels and Jim should probably treat his helmet a little better. . .

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