These are two of my favorite topics to teach at the front-end of a marketing course. There is nothing terribly complex about either topic, but I love to see the lightbulbs go off when students are asked to apply these concepts within group cases and individual marketing papers.

After teaching marketing for over ten years, my hope is that students think back to lessons like these when a sales manager or executive asks for SMART Goals or for them to be part of a strategic development team. I have seen plenty of instances in my experience where these have been used incorrectly or not at all. I will never forget when a colleague asked if we could change the “Weaknesses” section in a SWOT to “Concerns” instead. Nope! I refused to complete a SCOT Analysis ;  )

I would like to start describing the TOWS Grid in more detail. It’s a little beyond this course, but I think it helps put the SWOT Grid into perspective.

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