Do you remember who your best friend was when you were nine? It may have been a friend you had for years or possibly someone you knew for a very short time, but if you were anything like me that bond was special. Times change and people are very different, but this relationship probably existed before the opposite sex entered the picture, prior to massive amounts of peer pressure, and in advance of needing to adapt to specific social roles. I would give anything to have a video of me and Carl Nienow at that age being just as silly and spontaneous as Koen and Brody in this short clip.

Just as these two spent the night playing Mine Craft on their tablets and role-playing characters from Ninjago, Carl and I would crank the soundtrack to Footloose as we acted out Transformer battles before playing the Atari 2600 long into the night. I love watching the complete free spirt attitudes of this age as I know too well that it can be very short lived. If Koen continues to mirror his dad in this area, middle school and high school will bring some new challenges, but new joys as well.

I was testing my new Neewer 216 LED light on top of my Canon Mark III and I got plenty wrong in this video. That camera angle was a little low, the light was a little hot, and the color was pretty awful, but after a few tweaks later in the weekend I am starting to get the hang of this light. I’m just glad Koen is still at an age where I can use him as a test subject. I know that will be changing too soon as well.

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