Three Questions with Koen & Dad (2014-12-26)

Another week of Three Questions between Koen and I. This week is the Christmas Edition. I had no idea who he would choose between being the President of the United States or Santa Claus, but I guess I wasn’t surprised by his answer. I loved his question about going back in time. I could totally imagine myself asking and wondering about this at his age as well.

I am slowly learning a few things about producing a decent video and definitely learning lessons along the way. Both videos used a three light set-up with the key light coming in from camera left. The hair light seemed fine for Koen, but was a little hot for me. I should have cranked up the ISO a bit and closed the lens down because at f2.8, Koen would come in and out of focus with his more animated answers. I also didn’t anticipate the flickering LED lights on the tree. Always fun to learn.

Koen’s Interview of Me:

My Interview of Koen:

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