It has been several years since we made it down to Mapleton and Winnebago for Christmas Eve and Christmas. My sister usually flies in from Seattle a few days after the actual holiday, so we time our trip to match. However, with her trip not falling until Martin Luther King Day weekend this year, we decided to head down for some food, family, and festivities. We had a great time opening presents and hanging out at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve, spending the day with family at my Gramma and Grampa’s in Winnebago on Christmas, and making a quick stop by the Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Mankato on the way home. Always feel extra lucky and appreciative after a holiday┬álike this one.

Prenzlow Christmas

All of our eyes are open and the smiles aren’t too bad. . .

Angie and Koen Hamming It Up

I love this shot. Angie is modeling my dad’s new night driving glasses and Koen is just being silly. This is my family!

Always Love Angie's Reactions

You would think there was a million dollars in the box based on Angie’s reaction.

Looking at Koen's Custom Calendar

Every year my mom spends weeks putting custom calendars together the kids and my grampa. Always fun to look at the all year long. This year much of it included photos I took, so I might be a little biased???

Christmas Eve at Mom & Dads

Hey Look! I made a photo.

Thank You Hugs

Fun shot of Koen and my mom.

Gramma and Grampa Eastvold

Really liked this shot of my gramma and grampa.

Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Mankato

Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Mankato (

Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Mankato

Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Mankato (







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