Maybe if I review some workouts I will be more motivated to get on the bike? With the temptation of treats, busy holiday schedule, and long time distance to anything resembling a bike race, December is a hard time to stick with any sort of training plan. Being in pure maintenance-mode, I have enjoyed the direction and form-focus of these Sweet Spot Base workouts on TrainerRoad. However, I am truly looking forward to the start of 2015 when my brain will shift back to some sort of routine. I am starting to scratch together a plan that includes six weeks of the Sweet Spot Base II (Medium Volume) and five mornings of weights per week (3 lower and 2 upper).

However, it has been a little more difficult for me put together a master training plan this year. If last season’s early crash taught me anything, it’s that all of the planning and prep in the world can be thrown out the window in an instant.


My Review of Tunnabora from

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