TRAINING (3-10) Week Thirteen, Build Four

It never fails. When I see improvements in one area of my fitness, another area takes a dive. My average weight last week was 183.03 lbs. I have gained three pounds in the last month and two pounds of it is fat. Since our team training camp is in the Ozarks in 17 days, I have less than three weeks to lose just over four pounds. I would be very happy to be traveling south at 179 pounds and ready to grind up hills for four days straight.

On a positive note, I had a solid week of workouts. I tested on Tuesday with a new FTP of 309 watts, competed a slow cadence tempo workout on Wednesday, and probably the hardest workout of the year so far on Thursday.

Megantic was brutal. Each interval began with 30 seconds at nearly 500 watts. Trying to settle the body down and complete the eight 15 second intervals took more mental toughness than I was planning for. It felt great to complete this workout.


Hardest workout of the year so far.

Friday through Sunday was a little hit and miss, but when I did find time to workout I was focused and felt good.

I would love for this upcoming week to be one of my best.


Average Weight: 183.03 lbs.

Average % Body Fat: 10.39%

Average Resting Heart Rate: 48.3 bmp

Average Stress Score: 2.14


Training Time: 8.68 hrs.

FTP: 309 watts

Total TSS: 427.0

Average Intensity Factor: .84

Total kJ: 5144.0

Average HR: 143.4

Average Cadence: 91.6

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