Get Lucky Half Marathon Photos

Get Lucky Half Marathon Photos

Angie had signed up for the Team Ortho Get Lucky Half Marathon in St. Paul, so I thought I would get some practice shooting a running event. Besides losing some of the feeling in my fingertips, it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

_DAD0286-PS Edited

With over 2,000 runners, it was a little overwhelming as I am used to cycling events that struggle to draw 20-30 racers per field. I wanted to capture the conditions and the location, but an overcast, dreary, early spring morning didn’t provide the most beautiful backdrop. I guess it was a morning of bridges as I used the Robert Street Bridge as the backdrop of runners heading out and the Smith Avenue High Bridge as runners made their way back.

_DAD0627-PS Edited

I’m sure I will bring my camera when Angie competes in running events in the future, but I missed the speed, tactics, and teamwork of cycling events.  My entire gallery of photos can be found at:

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