TRAINING (3-3) Week Twelve, Rest Three

I completely made the most of this rest week. I did a few short intense workouts, but my volume was way down (4.5 hours total). I knew the next three weeks were going to hurt, so I thought I would really give my legs a break before gearing up for training camp and the start of the season. I ended up gaining more weight than I would have liked, but I know with some discipline (putting down the chips) I can get back down under 180 lbs. before we head south to Arkansas the first weekend in April.

Looking forward to Week 4-Week 6 of the High Volume Cyclocross Specific Training Plan. Love those Reduced Amplitude Billat workouts.


Average Weight: 181.94 lbs.

Average % Body Fat: 9.91%

Average Resting Heart Rate: 46.1 bmp

Average Stress Score: 2.00


Training Time: 4.52 hrs.

FTP: 292 watts

Total TSS: 209.0

Average Intensity Factor: .76

Total kJ: 2606

Average HR: 135.3

Average Cadence: 95.3

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