TRAINING (2-24) Week Eleven, Build Three

I think this Minnesota winter has finally cracked me. My hard days were good, but my easy days were bad. Drilling intervals for 90 minutes on a trainer is one thing, but plodding around at 200 W for two hours when you know you would rather be outside is a high mental hurdle.  

Monday: This was a typical Monday rest today. My numbers in the morning looked pretty good. I had a relatively low resting heart rate at 47 BPM and my recovery pattern was a little low, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Tuesday: Stone Mountain was definitely my best workouts of the week. I felt so good that I tripled the last interval at over 450 W. I was going to pay for that the next day.

Wednesday: I was about 15 minutes into this workout and I knew things were not going well. Not sure whether it was a hard effort the day before or just lack of motivation, but I pulled the plug after just over 30 minutes.

Thursday: Another hard hour-long workout. I was pleased that my legs had bounced back enough to complete this big gear effort with some energy to spare. These are becoming some of my favorite workouts within this program.

Friday: Friday in the off-season is plyometrics and yoga. However, even though I got through it, they both were pretty weak efforts.

Saturday: Lafayette may have been the most difficult workout I’ve done this year to date. I was a little worried after the first interval, but I was able to put my head down and get through the remaining five. However, the two hours of bowling I did after this workout were a little rough.

Sunday: I think I should have attempted little squat because I fell in our short of this workout to end the week. Angie was running on the treadmill next to me and I remember looking over at her and saying “ Nope. Not going to happen.”

I’m glad this was the last week before rest week as my legs, mind, and immune system needed a break. I am making the most of my rest week, and hope to be back to 100% by Monday, March 10.


Average Weight: 181.71 lbs.

Average % Body Fat: 9.61%

Average Resting Heart Rate: 45.3 bmp

Average Stress Score: 2.57


Training Time: 6.27 hrs.

FTP: 292 watts

Total TSS: 351.0

Average Intensity Factor: .82

Total kJ: 3939.0

Average HR: 134.2

Average Cadence: 94.6

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